Thoughts: Invited or Uninvited

Thinking is obvious to a living being, whether it is an animal, a bird or a human being. Complexity of thought may differ as per the make-up of the brain and it’s interaction with the environment.

Human beings have an advanced thinking mechanism, thanks to a developed intelligence and brain that we have.

The average person has about 48.6 thoughts per minute, according to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the University of Southern California. That adds up to a total of 70,000 thoughts per day. This is pure mechanism! It is how things work.

So thoughts are natural.

Thoughts are existential.

How do you push them away? How do you stop them? The shortest, simplest answer is: you don’t push them away. You don’t stop them. You let them be!

Yes! Ridiculous as it may sound, the more you don’t want to think a particular thought, the more that thought prevails. Remember, what resists, persists.

Putting in energy to stop the thoughts or feel guilty/ resentful for having particular thoughts is unnecessary.

Looking at thoughts that take your attention away from life or bug you eases your system. Yes, just a little step is a great beginning.

Know that you have a choice: a choice to greet the thought or to ignore it. Is your thought an invited guest or an uninvited one?

An invited is well looked after, fed and nurtured, loved with beautiful conversations being woven around to enrich the experience, whereas an uninvited guest receives little of the real us. Similarly, entertain thoughts that makes your life work and ignore those that pull you down.