Is it Wrong or Is it Right?

Half my life in spent on asking and analysing life, people in it, the situation of the world and figuring out if it is right or is it wrong! And the other half is going in addressing this question…

Invariably, I get to hear one version or the other of validation regarding The Right and The Wrong. It is unbelievable that people, irrespective of age, gender, caste, natinality have a dilemma and want to know The Right and hence, stay in a state of conflict so as to what to do and how to be!

From a 5-year old girl who otherwise enjoys colouring and laughing to a 60-year old who heads a corporation worth millions of dollars and manages employees on daily basis, they all go through this fork in their mind. The deep-rooted conditioning goes back to the era perhaps when earth began to get populated and decided to play host to the billion living on it today. In my opinion, one of the most efficient way (or to think that it is!) to bring about discipline, order and control is the society was to establish the morality system of right and wrong! The existence of this duality is supported by other dualities perfectly well: truth-false, good-bad, happy-sad.

Has it solved its’ purpose? Yes, of course!!! It is the way it was meant to be? I don’t think so!!!

Constant evaluation of right and wrong deviates one from the path of actions and keeps the mind involved in a confused state. A confused state lead to confused energies sent out and the manifestation is that of confusion and increased dilemma yet again! There is nothing as right and wrong. I am aware that I am making a bold statement in this day and age!

Guilt and righteousness reside in our egos and hence, the mind would want to move into feeling either of them. “Oops! I did wrong… I feel so guilty!” “I always knew I was right”, feeling righteous.

So if it is not about being this way right and that way wrong, what is it about? Is every action that goes on in our lives and the world be justified then? Nope!!!

It is about what works! This simple??? Indeed, life is extremely simple. With our 1450 CC brain with thinking matter, we love to complicate it.

Therefore, decision and action got to be evaluated on the basis of what we intend to do, is it workable or is it not! A workable decision impacts us, our people, our world and the entire universe in a positive manner. It brings about what Our Mother Earth wants from us… It brings in clarity and prosperity, love and joy, peace and togetherness…