“Charity begins at home” and so does love! Brought up in an era that talks about “being courteous” with your colleagues, your business partners, certain friends and strangers, as and when required. This translates to- say thanks often, say sorry where appropriate, appreciate people, and spread positivity around.

When comes to our OWN people (family members, siblings, close buddies), this is out of the picture. Even said thanks to your mom when she gives a meal to you? She would be shocked to hear that… Try it out! Or like mine, she might say, “where is the need to thank one’s own family!”

So a culture where thanksgiving is for THE PEOPLE of the world, excluding your own world, “being courteous with the self does not even figure out anywhere!

Appreciating oneself for the good done in a day would be a big boost of happiness but we rarely do it. We do not even accept ourselves for what we have and who we are: “I wish I had curly hair!” “I wish I was thinner.” “I wish I was taller.” “I wish my parents allowed me for a night out” and the list goes on…

This lack of acceptance leads to inner conflicts and you are at loggerheads with yourself!

Time to imbibe in and F.L.Y. Before anything else, First Love Yourself!

Let us look at what it means:

To Accept yourself just the way you are!

You are God’s creation and a unique gift so learn to Appreciate the good you do during the day

Pay Gratitude to your parents, life and the higher power, whatever form or formless that you believe in

Learn to say “NO”. Unbelievably true, this is the biggest dilemma people live with. It is okay to not want to do everything that you are told, without feeling guilty. IT IS OKAY!

Enjoy Life and look at the little bundles of joy it gives you each day.

Take Risks, Listen to Your Heart. You will be a day older tomorrow so do what you are passionate about.

Contribute to another life, even if that means passing a smile to someone or giving an apple instead of ignoring the little boy at the signal who begs you for money.

Pamper yourself. Read good books. Stay with good company, Dress up and show up! Come what may…

Time to test your wings and F.L.Y.