Dancing Stress

When you read/ hear the word “stress”, what comes to your mind?

By the way, what comes to your mind when I say, “dancing stress!!”

Poor stress! It has always been presented as a demon… A monster with claws and big teeth attacking, ready to pounce on you!

Everything from poor performance to lack of concentration is blamed on the increased stress levels of today!

This stress or distress, as it is appropriately called, has a younger brother- Eustress (U-stress). I call it the dancing stress.

It is stress given to YOU (eu) or taken by you that makes you go for your goals; it is the passion that steers you ahead; it is the fuel to your dreams that does not let you sleep; a propellant of your ideas… In short, it keeps us going and is the beat of our life.

The “good” pressure is the dancing stress. It comes in to motivate us to perform. Yielding results, eustress tells us to carry on and on…

The motivation to keep doing and take on new adventures in life is due to the eustress only.

Technically, cortisol is the food for stress. Commonly known as the stress hormone, cortisol, when produced continuously in the brain, over a period of time, makes a person stress. Small bouts of cortisol can increase the brains’ activity making it beneficial for the person, even enhancing their learning and adaptability skills by leaps and bounds. Eustress may be harnessed through these small sudden spells of cortisol.

So next time, someone says, “are you-stressed?” Shout out and reply, “Yes, I am eu-stressed!”