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Go to Sales effectiveness

Sales effectiveness

We struggle or sometimes fail persuading customer and deals never get closed. The skills we need and desired behaviors we require to perform in sales have a long list. Developing skills & making sales effective is what we will equip you with.

Go to Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

We all want to work in a place where we feel we belong, but it rarely happens. Employees committing to organizational goals and become effective contributors and feeling satisfied is the goal we will help you achieve.

Go to Leadership Development

Leadership Development

In every walk of life we look up to people who can guide, mentor and lead us in perusing our dreams and goals. But leadership is a journey that starts from within. To find the leader in you is the goal we will achieve together.

Go to Change Management

Change Management

With change we have strange relationship but it’s part of our life. How do we cope with change, How do we initiate, lead and manage change are the difficult questions we will address to make change successful in your organization.

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Our Story
Dreaming to make a difference in every person's life we train.

The life of "tick-boxes" is was not for us! We realised that more than a decade ago. It thus became futile to live it and wait for the "right" age to retire in order to pursue our "real" interests, passion or philosophically speaking, our calling, was quite contrary to our idea of life.

We instead retired in our 20's to set up Igniting Spark in the Summer of 2009 with a powerful intention of delivering value & action steps for each milestone that our partners aim at.

In our attempt to integrate vocation, hobby, passion & rokda, Igniting Spark keeps pace with you while you play & win the game of life.

We are The Wind Beneath Your wings...

We believe in Innovation & Creativity to explore and design new ways of training & development. We love striving towards excellence.